Gympie Community Church

Health and Safety Notice Regarding Coronavirus COVID-19

Gympie Community Church is continuing to closely monitor the situation regarding the Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19. The Church board has been proactive in ensuring the safety and health of our church community against any risks the current situation may present.

We would like to inform you of the following precautionary measures we will be taking in relation to Coronavirus COVID-19 and greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this time.

  • If you have a cold or flu; wear a face mask to protect others, or stay away from gatherings to help prevent its spread. If you’ve had contact with someone from overseas who could potentially be affected, choose to isolate yourself, rather than risk infecting others.
  • Ensure that you wash your hands regularly, especially after contact with people who may be unwell.
  • Choose not to shake hands with people, or greet one another with a kiss. We know that these are common greetings, but in the current situation, we won’t think less of anyone who chooses not to do so.

Queensland Health

As a Church respecting the authority of our government, we believe in the importance of following the instructions of Queensland Health. Please visit their website to find the latest information and recommended actions to take.

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Queensland Government

Gympie.Church Online

We’ve partnered with other local churches to offer Gympie.Church Online – the online Church of Gympie!
We’re excited to join together over this season to continue to provide you with everything you need to keep growing more with God and seeking after Him each day.

We live stream our Gympie.Church Online services each Sunday morning and are offering content throughout the week also!

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