valuesHere is a list of the things we value as a church…


Our church eagerly embraces a relentless pursuit of God’s Word and God’s ways in all that we do. We will not do things just because they work, but because they are right. God’s Truth, as found in both the Old & New Testament of the Bible, will be the foundation of all that we are.

Christ Centred

Jesus is the centre-piece of all things. He is the head of His Church. His name is above all names and all authority has been given to Him. Therefore, we will make Him the centre-piece of our community and the object of our devotion. Everything we do as a church will be to bring Christ and His name glory.

Spirit Led

Christ has sent His Holy Spirit to be the indwelling presence of God, who leads us into all truth and guides us in the quest for righteousness. As a church we will be led by the Holy Spirit and seek to minister in the leading and power of the indwelling Spirit, embracing the supernatural and miraculous nature of the everyday life that is empowered by God.

Life Giving

Jesus came that we may have life in all fullness. As a church, we seek to give life to those Christ brings to us, through both our words and our actions. Everything we do will seek to give life, rather than steal, kill or destroy.


We acknowledge that God is a supernatural being and therefore is capable of impacting our lives and the world around us in miraculous ways. Furthermore, He calls us to participate in this by being vessels of His miraculous power and as such, we will seek to move God’s hand in supernatural ways to change the situations and circumstances that we are faced with in everyday life.


The heart of God is for mission and ever since the Fall of Mankind, God has been seeking to restore all things to Himself, through Jesus Christ. As a local church, we want everything we do to count for the mission that God and us are on together and recognise that we have a mission responsibility in our own community, around Australia and globally.

Outward Focussed

While there is much about the call and role of the Church that is about those who have found Christ and are following Him, we are not an exclusive club. We will be a church that actively seeks to serve and engage those beyond our ‘four walls’, by ministering to the felt and real needs of the wider community.


Lost people matter to God and they matter to us too. We recognise that the call of the Church is to make disciples and that until we do; we really haven’t seen church growth. We will not settle for transfer or natural growth alone, but will relentlessly and responsibly seek to make Christ known in ways that help lead people to a life as a Follower of Christ.


Discipleship is the God-ordained means of growth for all those who are followers of Jesus Christ. We will actively seek to disciple every believer in our midst through various means, seeing them become people who not only know God and His Word, but also able to live the Christian life in its fullness.

Christian Community

We believe in Christian community – we believe in being on this Christ centred, Spirit led, missionary journey with God together. We will do all within our power to call and equip people to share life with one another, in so doing, believing that we are following the desire of God for Christian life, as modelled by the Trinity.


We know that even if we possess all spiritual gifts but are without love we are nothing, and gain nothing, therefore, we value love as an indispensable mark of the Christian life. We recognise that we only love because God first loved us and affirm Christ’s call to love God whole-heartedly and to love our neighbour as ourselves.

All Age

We are not a church to a single generation, but rather seek to provide a place of community and life to people of all ages. We will strive to be a ‘cradle to the grave’ church, which provides ministry and nurture to people of all ages and stages in life. We will not let age be a barrier – whether young or old – to serving God in the ways he has called us to.


We understand that people are different and hold different points of view. We will be respectful of those whose perspective differs from our own and ask others to respect our call to stand on the truth of God’s Word. While we reserve the right to protect the church from harassment or harm and may set standards of participation in some areas of church life, we will also welcome people into our midst and seek not to exclude them just because they differ from us in theology or practice.

Innovative & Creative

We serve the God who created the entire universe from nothing; therefore, we will expect God to call us to be creative in the ways we minister as a church. We will seek to use new technologies and make the most of media and other creative resources, as long as these things do not distract us from the simplicity of a life lived for Christ, in accordance with His Word.

Contemporary, yet Ageless

In our quest to be the church God has called us to be, we will seek to advance the cause of Christ in ways that will engage our ever changing world, but don’t compromise our never-changing God. We will be anchored to the rock, but geared to the times. This means that we will seek valid, biblical expressions of faith that engage new generations, but will always seek to provide a place of grace for those who yearn for the older ways still. We will encourage our older folk to be flexible and our younger folk to be respectful, giving honour where it is due.

Excellence & Authenticity

We believe that excellence inspires people and honours God; therefore we will seek to do all that we do with a spirit and attitude of excellence. At the same time, we also recognise that a trap many churches fall into is one of being overly performance driven; therefore, we will also seek to embrace any offering people bring, which is authentic and brought to God in a spirit of humility and grace.

Priesthood of All Believers

We believe that there are no ‘special’ Christians, but that all of us are equal at the foot of the cross and that all of us are called to be priests in God’s kingdom (1 Pet 2:9). Just as a body is made up of many parts, so is our church (1 Cor 12:12-31) – Christ is our head and while we may have different roles and functions, we are all equal partners and participants in the body life of the Church.


As a Church we believe in leadership. We believe that it is God who gives us leaders (apostles, prophets, evangelists and elders) to equip God’s people for works of service (Eph 4:11-12). We believe that leadership is a role and function of some, to be outworked in the midst of the church, not over it. We believe that God is calling our leaders, with the support and help of the congregation, to seek God’s vision for the church and to lead us to the place He has called us to be.

Participation & Teamwork

We believe that a primary task of leadership in the life of the church is to equip the saints for works of service, therefore, we will always seek, where possible, to empower people who are not vocationally employed by the church, to be active in ministry. We will seek to release as many people as possible into the ministry of the Church and to do this in a framework of teams, where people work with one another for the achievement of the Mission God has called us to.


Christ came as a servant and He calls us to be people who serve also. We will seek to embrace a godly attitude of service in all that we do.


Generosity is a hallmark of Christian faith and we will always seek to inspire people to be generous in the ways God has called us to be, providing multiple opportunities for people to do so. As a church we will also seek to be generous with what we have, to those who are beyond our walls.

Spiritual Gifts

We understand that God has placed talents, abilities and spiritual gifts in the lives of every believer and then set them in the Body of Christ as He determines (1 Cor 12). As a result of this, different people will have different ministry callings and abilities and we are determined to ensure that people are released into the ministry areas that suit the calling, giftedness and abilities God has given them, for the common good of Christ’s body and the outworking of God’s mission plan.


Prayer is vital to the life of both the Christian and to the Church. This two-way conversation is meant to continue as long as life lasts and demonstrates our ongoing dependence on Jesus our Great High Priest. We will be a praying church, full of praying individuals and will seek to provide constant opportunities, both corporately and individually, to petition and praise God in prayer.


As a church we will seek out every opportunity to bring authentic worship that expresses our heart toward God and enthrones Christ in our praises.

Integrity & Transparency

While we value the place of leaders prayerfully threshing an issue or idea out before God and not having to share every detail and deliberation with the congregation, we also reject a culture of secrecy that does not seek to be transparent and honest. We value integrity in leadership and in every part of church life.


We recognise that we serve a risk-taking God and believe that Christianity is NOT a call to play it safe. We will embrace a culture of responsible risk-taking, where the Spirit leads us to step out in faith and trust in God’s goodness for the things that He has called us to.

Kingdom Unity

We passionately believe that we are not in ministry alone, but that we serve alongside other churches, as part of Christ’s Body. We will seek to work in unity with other churches, for the advancement of God’s Kingdom, sharing our resources, time and talents with not only other churches, but also in our mission together.